Realty Viewer

Overview of solutions for Real Estate:

The prospective customers of builders can view how the building plan will look like after it is ready for possession. The customers can also take a walk through to view the individual flats in 3D. All the rooms and interiors can be viewed. This will help the customers take a better purchase decision.

The RealView is an augmented reality based app for real estate sector. The app will be used by builders/real estate companies/agents to promote new projects from its inception. The app will have feature to show the virtual 3D simulation of the whole project in realtime. The solution will allow real estate companies to advertise construction projects using augmented reality technology. Using this solution a potential customer can faster evaluate all benefits of the project. The app will be downloaded through a QR code and it will enable realtors to connect with potential home buyers without having to be there.

Virtual Dissection


Key Benefits

3D visualization of project

  • 360 degree view of the site layouts, floor plan, flat layouts, etc.
  • Facilities to showcase 3D visualization of individual amenities like clubhouses, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc. in realtime.
  • Detailed specification of the projects with images of the attractive features.
  • Virtual Reality Integration possible for immersive visualization.
  • Visit developer’s website.
  • Send direct enquiry through app via email.
  • Call directly through app to enquire about project.
  • Facility to download newsletter of company.
  • Content management integration possible.
  • Works on tablets and all mobile devices.
  • Supports both Android and IOS platform.

Intuitive Navigation interface:

  • Rotate and zoom to see details.
  • Facility to navigate to site through Google maps..
  • Take virtual walkthrough of the building, mall and flat interiors.
  • Hot spots for interaction with models.
  • Select interior furnishings as per design, texture and color.

Social Sharing tools:

  • Take direct feedback from customer.
  • Show customer testimonials.
  • links to social media pages like Facebook, twitter and YouTube as well as having current listings that appear on the page.

Key Benefits

For Realtors:

  • Realtors can engage consumers in ways they have never before experienced
  • At the same time for the first time ever in printed materials, track where, when and for how long their advertisement was viewed and interacted with.
  • Move your projects along more quickly.
  • Leverage your existing capabilities with 3d tools.
  • Extend 3D design & BIM into marketing & business development.
  • Enhance your brand identity with cutting edge technology.
  • Seize a competitive edge to win projects and drive sales
  • Make a bigger impact and be the project they remember and talk about.
  • As a realtor sells a listing the content can be changed out on the ad – without having to do a reprint or redesign.
  • A property developer could use the technology to show off properties that have yet to be built, giving consumers a chance to take virtual tours and see what a property would look like once completed.
  • This can be done from nearly any smart phone and tablets, and the tour can be embedded in any number of print advertisements found in magazines or newspapers.
  • The technology can also be used to help home buyers decorate their potential house with virtual furniture, giving them a chance to see what their new home would look like.
  • Physical models are more costly to produce & ship.
  • Improve collaboration on design elements.
  • Support pre-construction financing efforts.
  • Show investors what they’re investing in. Show buyers what they’re buying.
  • Promote new interior design and renovation projects.
  • Redesign and renovation projects can show “before and after” views.
  • Real Estate brokers and agents will get a marketing advantage with Augmented Reality print interaction.
  • QR-codes used are a stepping stone to advanced interaction, deeper engagement and measurable results in their marketing campaigns using augmented reality.

For Consumers:

  • Accelerate decision processes & build consensus.
  • Utilize types of multiple visual experiences.
  • The technology is truly a 24/7 solution for the anyone that is in the business of selling real estate.
  • Video that plays right on the ad (such as a postcard or magazine ad) also have high impact engagement worth.
  • The user simply downloads a mobile app from the app store for their device that allows them to do all of the above.
  • Encourage choice for deeper design interactions
  • Let people select from color, fabric & materials, furniture options.
  • links to social media pages like Facebook, twitter and YouTube as well as having current listings that appear on the page.

Competitive Advantage:

  • Innovative use of Augmented Reality technology in Real Estate sector.
  • Highly feature rich app.
  • Realtime interaction with the virtual models will give engaging experience to customers.
  • Social media awareness with tech-savy tool.
  • Ease of use - There’s no better way to shop for property than to do it right in the palm of your hand.
  • Share design concepts more quickly and effectively.
  • Save time and money with 3d visualization tools.
  • Wherever you are, you can get access to buildings and properties worldwide.
Consumer Durable

At Navtek, we continuously identify emerging trends and industry drivers. Our technology experts with deep domain expertise can help you react proactively to market demands and hasten time to market. We add value to each engagement with our augmented reality and virtual simulation solutions.

Consumer Durable

As mobile devices today are going through a phase of invention, innovation & induction, shoppers’ buying behavior is varying through the process of adoption & adaptation. Today the brands are just not restricted to brick & mortar modes of advertisement to reach the consumers, thanks to the mobile devices becoming smarter, sleeker, handy and a personal device, facilitating insights at the finger tips, making them dependent on their favorite application to move them through the decision value chain. This is where Augmented Reality, plays it’s trick, enabling shopper to visualize, evaluate & decide on to the options.

With this technology, a shopper could use his/ her mobile device to visualize his product under evaluation on to him/her (in case of Apparel) or on wall (in case of display) or on floor (in case of furniture) and so on. This would not only bring in the conviction but could add an edge over the real world in case of products like consumer durable, furniture, display pieces and so on.

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